Pride Ain’t Cheap

About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
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Quest overview

Young Vesemir Appearance Quest

Quest start requirements

After completing the quest “Good Money“, visit the points on the map and start

Quest steps
Visit points on the map to discover hibernating Vesemir.
Visit the herbalist Varik from the information in the memo that is falling near Vesemir.
Search for two antidote ingredients (Drowner’s saliva, mistle root) according to Valik’s instructions.
Get a potion from Valik to fight poisonous plants.
Drink this from the journal (Effect lasts for 2 hours).
Visit two points on the map to defeat Drowner and Scolopendromorph. And get ingredients.

Return to Varik and hand over the ingredients.
Time to wait Visit Point again 12 hours later, as Varik told me.
Talk to Vesemir who has awakened.
Receive rewards from Vesemir.
Vesemir introduces the next quest, “Sins of our Fathers“.
Vesemir stays there, so you can take on the quest at a convenient time.





Results and impressions (my case)

I was happy that Vesemir came out.
It was the first quest with a waiting time.
In the video games, if you stay at an inn, time will pass.
but the real waiting time was so long and interesting.


My journal
Pride Ain’t Cheap

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