The Great Mushrooming

About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
Feel free to send me your corrections in the comments or on my Twitter account.


Quest overview

The main quest in the middle of Season 1.
Compete for how many mushrooms you can collect in 24 hours.

Quest start requirements

After completing the quest “Good Money“, visit the points on the map and start

Quest steps
Visit Point and talk to “Eccentric Man” to get information about the Great Mushrooming.
Visit points on the map and get coins (50 coins) from the chest.
Visit the next point, hear the rules of the Great Mushrooming from the village mayor Goronwy, and start the Great Mushrooming.

Attention point
The Great Mushrooming lasts 24 hours. If you’re not ready, you can decline the start.

Time limit For 24 hours, collect mushrooms that randomly spawn around you as you move.

Attention point
The remaining time is displayed small below the weather icon in the upper left.
If you want to see more detailed time remaining, tap the menu button at the bottom center.

Mushroom collection tips
You can get 1 to 7 mushrooms at random in one collection.
According to some information, it is necessary to collect more than 150 mushrooms to win, but since I won 132 mushrooms, the border may be a little lower.
There is also information that if mushrooms are overflowing from the basket in the journal, it will be ranked first. ( There seems to be no direct relationship between the condition of the basket and the ranking)
Note that if you activate another quest, the mushrooms will not spawn.

The following 4 mini-quests will occur in the process of collecting mushrooms.

Find Emlyn who climbed a tree to escape Nekker.
Choose to fight Nekker to help Emlyn or steal mushrooms.
Help Emlyn get information about mushroom colonies
Visit the colonies on the map and fight Leshen.
If you win, you can get a lot of mushrooms (certainly 50).
Find and inspect the corpse of Cyclops.
Get information that Frightener killed him.
Encounter Dehael.
Gently answer Dehael’s question and you’ll get information about the mushroom colony.
Visit the colonies on the map and you can get a lot of mushrooms.
Find the bitten arm.
If you follow the traces, you will arrive at Nemeta.
Defeat the Draconids in Nemeta.
After 24 hours, return to the village mayor Goronwy.
Fiend rushes into the awards ceremony.
After defeating Fiend, you will receive trophies (5 types) according to the number of mushrooms collected.
Tell the village mayor about Frightener.



・(Boss) Fiend

Results and impressions (my case)

It was an interesting quest.
I wanted to win the championship, so I worked hard to collect mushrooms.
I thought, “I’ll be ranked number 1 because I’ve collected so many mushrooms” but according to other people’s information, it might have been pretty close.
But I’m glad I got the 1st place.


My journal
The Great Mushrooming

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