Sins of our Fathers

About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
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Quest overview

A quest to break Striga curse (or defeat) that appeared in Netflix’s The Witcher

Quest start requirements

Start by visiting Vesemir again after completing the quest “Pride Ain’t Cheap

Quest steps
Talk to Vesemil and be told to meet “Hermit”.
Go to a point on the map and meet “Hermit”.
“Hermit” is fighting Arachas, so help him. You can formally accept the request.

Attention point
You have the option of telling to “Hermit” about the possibility of breaking the curse.
If you proceed to “break the curse” in the route selection after this, it seems that there is no problem whether you tell it or not.
When you want to go on the “defeat route”, if you tell him about the possibility of breaking the curse, you will quarrel with “Hermit” after defeating.Then, it seems that you will not receive a reward.
( Unconfirmed information)

Break the curse
Read the notes you received from Vesemir, visit the points on the map, kill Vodnik and get blood.
Talk to Thorstein from the shop icon and get candles.

Attention point
Thorstein requires 60 coins, but you can get them for free whether you accept or decline.

Time zone limit In the evening or night, go to the graveyard on the map and use Vodnik’s blood.
Time zone limit At night, go to Striga’s crypt on the map.

Attention point
If you go to the crypt before night, you will be in battle with Striga. ( Unconfirmed information)

Wait time Start the incantation in the crypt. Light 3 candles (burn out in 15 minutes) in order.

Attention point
A total of 45 minutes of waiting time.
You don’t have to stay there all the time.
However, it is necessary to return to the point every 15 minutes and light the next candle.
The remaining time is displayed below the weather icon.

After the incantation, go to the “Hermit” house on the map and get the “Hermit’s Armor” and coins (60 coins). (See my journal)
Defeat route
Go to Striga’s crypt and fight White Striga.

Attention point
This Striga is not a rare monster, but a legendary White Striga.
If you want to quickly register White Striga in your Bestiary, you need to select this route.

After defeating, meet the “Hermit” and receive rewards.

Attention point
You can’t get “Hermit’s Armor” on this route.



・Arachas (* I don’t know about the type of Arachas)
・(Boss) White Striga

Results and impressions (my case)

This quest was also an impressive quest.
I had an equation like “Strigger = Breaking the Curse”, probably because of the Netflix drama.
So I chose the route to break the curse without hesitation.
(But I wanted to register White Striga in my Bestiary..)

The 45 minute wait at midnight, I felt very long.
In my case, the quest point was near the police box, so I was afraid that I would be considered a suspicious person.
The job of Witcher is a tough job.


My journal
Sins of our Fathers

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