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About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
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Quest overview

Rock Troll Quest
It’s a short quest, but it has a lot of branches.

Quest start requirements

Not completely known.
A 100% certain requirement is to tap the Rock Troll that appear in the field.
And the high probability is that you have been defeated by Rock Troll more than 5 times in total.

Although unconfirmed, there is some other information on requirements for occurrence.

Requirements for occurrence
・ Defeated by Rock Troll more than 5 times in total
・ It’s OK to lose to the same Rock Troll 5 times Unconfirmed information
・ Must have won the Rock Troll at least once Unconfirmed information


Quest steps
Talk to Rock Troll called Grub.
He is asked to investigate the cause of his cousin’s Rock Troll being killed.
If you decline the request and choose the option to attack the grab, it will be a battle (→ route 3).
Inspect the corpse of Grub’s cousin.
The trace is clearly the work of The Witcher (= myself).
There are 3 routes here.
Blame the bandits
Realizing that Grub has been deceived, eventually fighting Grub (→ route 3)
Blame Nekker Shaman
Correct route. Grab believes for the time being.
Track the traces of Nekker Shaman and defeat it.
Choose either gray rocks or yellow rocks as a reward.

・Yellow rock → 35coin
・Gray rock → Quest item “Gray Rock”

Attack the Grub
Become a battle with Grub.
This battle cannot be redone, so if you lose, you will not receive rewards and the quest will end ( see my journal )
If you win, you will receive 35 coins (and The Witcher Pack)


Nekker Shaman
・<Rock Troll


Results and impressions (my case)

It was a difficult quest to choose from.
As a result of blaming the bandits halfway, I ended up in a battle and lost in a hurry. It was the worst result..
There are many routes and it easily fails.
Very few people may have received a “gray rock” on the Nekker Shaman Route.


My journal
Monster Slayer

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