Will O’The Wisp

About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
Feel free to send me your corrections in the comments or on my Twitter account.


Quest overview

Time-limited tracking quest
If you can’t complete the quest in time, you’ll fail, so I recommend starting when you have time to move freely.


Quest start requirements

After completing the quest “Good Money“, When you reach LV10, a specific Nemeta will appear on the map.
This nemeta looks a little different from other nemeta ( Unconfirmed information)

Quest steps
Enter a specific Nemeta and defeat Foglet and Ignis Fatuus
Time limit Follow Will O’The Wisp.
You need to visit 3 points on the map within 15 minutes.

The remaining time is displayed below the weather icon in the upper left.
If you want to see more detailed time remaining, tap the menu button at the bottom center.

Open the chest at the last point and get a reward (250XP, 100 coins)


Ignis Fatuus


Results and impressions (my case)

When I entered Nemeta which suddenly appeared in front of me, I started without knowing the contents of the quest.
I noticed the time remaining icon.
Some people may not notice.


Will O’The Wisp

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