The Dark Side of the Full Moon

About the quest
This article is based on my journal, information received from everyone, and overseas information.
There may still be uncertain information and errors.
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Quest overview

Quest of defeat Werewolf.
Was there a similar Werewolf quest in Witcher 3?

Quest start requirements

After completing the quest “Good Money“, A smithy appears with some quest points.
Start by visiting the smithy on a full moon night.
If you want to know when the full moon is, see About the weather and time.

At the smithy, you can get the attack power buff effect (lasting 1 hour) by having Lothar sharpen your sword.
You can also buy a map of the quest “Sword in the Stone” for 500 coins by talking to Lothar except during the full moon.
However, I recommend you not buy it here (it’s too expensive and you can get it by going through this quest).


Quest steps
Lothar disappears when visit the smithy.
Visit points on the map to track Werewolf

I recommend finishing the quest during the night.
In the daytime, the traces disappear and you have to start over. (See my journal)

When arrive at the point and talk to Lothar, you will find that Lothar is a Werewolf.
There are 2 routes here: kill or spare Lothar.
Spare Lothar
Believe in Lothar’s words and spare him.
Lothar thanked me and gave me a map of the quest “Sword in the Stone
You can also get the trinket “The Werewolf’s Lot”.
Lothar continues to appear in the smithy (disappears on a full moon night)
Kill Lothar
Fight with Werewolf.
After winning the battle, you can steal the quest map “Sword in the Stone” from Lothar.

Even if you lose the battle, you can get a map at the smithy after the full moon is over Unconfirmed information

After the full moon, a new dwarven blacksmith “Conway” will appear.


・(Boss) Werewolf


Results and impressions (my case)

I couldn’t dislike Lothar, and I thought it would be a problem if the blacksmith disappeared, so I chose to miss it.
However, the blacksmith’s backup was prepared..

If you choose a route that spare Lothar, there will be one space left in the Glossary, but a new blacksmith will be registered here.
If you want to fill the Glossary, you have no choice but to kill Lothar.
(I think he may come out after Season 2)


My journal
The Dark Side of the Full Moon

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